Friday, 4 December 2015

Flight Training in the USA

The USA has become a popular location for students around the world to conduct their flight training. The USA has the most advanced flight training curriculum in the world, but there is another reason which has made it popular: location.

The United States has a vast geographical area, with a wide variety of landscapes and climates. This makes it desirable for students wishing to gain exposure to all conditions one may encounter while flying.

Florida is one of the most popular locations in the world for flight training. It has a great climate. The temperature is warm year-round, making it ideal for flight training. The land is flat, allowing the student many places to fly while training. Some have done cross-country and hour-building flights north to Georgia, or even New York. This is a valuable learning experience as well as an adventure. Florida not only has a comfortable climate for living, but has a large number of flight schools to choose from. There are miles of beautiful beaches, as well as attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World where the student can unwind during their leisure time. All of this has made Florida a very popular training location.

Arizona is another excellent location for flight training. Arizona has a dry climate, resulting in clear skies and unlimited visibility almost every day. A student can fly with little delay from weather, and can therefore complete their training quickly. Arizona has vast areas of flat-land, but also areas of mountains, giving the student a variety of training. Arizona is home to Phoenix, and the Grand Canyon; two very popular tourist attractions.

Pilot licenses issued by the USA are internationally recognized and respected. They are easy to convert to another country, and enable the holder to obtain employment in almost every country. Training in the USA is an enjoyable experience, and the flight training provided is second to none.