Friday, 4 August 2017


The Commercial Pilot License allows the holder to fly for a salary. This license is required for everyone wishing to make a career in flying.

Regardless of whether an individual wants to make flying their career, or to just fly for recreation, the first step is to obtain the private pilot license. This is a prerequisite for training to become a commercial pilot. The private pilot license involves training with an instructor (dual) and by one's self (solo). One must also attend ground school and pass a written exam. A flight test must also be completed. Whatever one's goals in flying, the private pilot license is a milestone in one's flying career.

Commercial Pilot License

After completion of the private pilot license, one can train to become a commercial pilot. One often does their night rating as part of the commercial pilot training. The commercial pilot course involves advanced visual flight training, training to fly by reference to aircraft instruments, cross-country flying, and emergency procedures. Additional ground school must be attended, and another written exam. One must also complete 200 hours of total flying as well as a flight test.

The commercial pilot license allows an individual to pursue a career in flying. There are many flying careers available. Some individuals go on to become airline, corporate, or charter pilots. These individuals must also obtain a multi-engine and instrument rating. Some individuals go on to become flight instructors, and must obtain their flight instructor rating. Some commercial pilot holders obtain their float endorsement, and fly passengers and cargo into and out of remote lakes or locations.

The commercial pilot license opens a lot of new opportunities for the aspiring pilot. Many careers are available, depending upon the interests of the individual.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


The aviation industry is expanding like never before. A record number of aircraft are on order, which will result in a record number of pilot and ground position opportunities. It is estimated over the next 20 years 533,000 pilots will be required to meet the demand; 216,000 being in the Asia-Pacific region. India is expected to lead the growth in Asia's aviation industry.

Previously, aviation was strictly a luxury industry. Before World War 2, aviation was strictly for the very wealthy. Very few people flew; very few career opportunities existed in aviation. Many people look fat aircraft in wonder, but for most people it remained a dream. After World War 2 ended, the airline industry developed. More people flew, but it was still luxury. The aviation industry was at the mercy of the economy. Well into the 1990s, anytime there was an economic downturn, there were massive layoffs and losses in the industry. This made flying potentially a very unstable careeer.


The 21st century has seen a massive change in the industry. The fastest way to transport passengers or goods is by air.Poeople can no longer take weeks to get to their destination. Everything moves fast in the 21st century. This has made aviation indispensable. Aviation has never been so important to the world! Recent economic downturns have not effected the industry as in the past. Flights anywhere in the world are almost always full.This had changed aviation into a career which offers both adventure and stability. A great combination in any career!

There has never been hiring or career opportunities for pilots like the present. More hiring is happening than ever before, and the airlines are offering stable careers with a limitless future.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


The first step one has to becoming a professional pilot is in obtaining a Private Pilot License. This gives the holder the privilege of flying for pleasure, but not for a salary.

Once one has obtained their Private Pilot License, they can train for their Commercial Pilot License. Often, the first step will be to get a night rating. Advanced training such as cross-country flying/navigation, instrument flying and emergency procedures will all be covered. In most countries, the candidate must have acquired at least 200 hours flight experience to obtain the Commercial Pilot License. The student must also complete 80 hours of ground school in subjects such as: air law, theory of flight, meteorology, flight operations, aircraft engines and crew resource management. The candidate must also pass a written and flight test.

commercial pilot Training

The Commercial Pilot License allows the holder the privilege of earning a salary for flying. In most cases, there is still more training to be done for the aspiring pilot. Many do a Flight Instructor Rating and start their career by teaching others to fly.

Some do a Multi-Engine and Instrument rating and star their careers off as a charter pilot. The Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings are required for airline and corporate pilot positions. Another option is to do a Float Rating, and start one's career as a bush pilot, flying people and goods into remote lakes or camps. There are many careers in aviation, and many ways to start them. The Commercial Pilot License is the basis for one of the most exciting careers that has ever existed.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

One Step Solution

Several processes are involved in obtaining an aviation career. The first step is in deciding one truly wants a career in aviation. This may seem obvious, but as with all careers, one must make the decision to do what ever it takes to be successful. Aviation offers some of the most exciting careers in the world. Every day is different; one constantly faces new challenges. There is the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from all over the world. There is the opportunity for travel, for all personnel, not just pilots and cabin crew. The aviation industry operates around the clock, 365 days a year. Although people in this industry often get more time off than other industries, it is highly irregular.For someone with a passion for aviation, it is well worth it.
Wether your goal is to become a pilot, cabin crew, or airport manager, HM Aviation has a training course especially designed to fast track your career.

For those desiring to become a pilot, HM Aviation will prepare the student before leaving the country. The student will learn the basics, and prepare to go to Canada, USA, South Africa, or New Zealand for training, depending on the preference of the student. All offer high quality training, adventure, and the opportunity to meet people they would not have otherwise met. HM Aviation is always in contact with the student to ensure everything is well. HM Aviation is also in constant contact with the flight schools to ensure the needs of the students are being met.

HM Aviation prepares the student for the aptitude tests, interviews and simulator evaluations required by the airlines. This has earned HM Aviation an enviable reputation with both airlines and graduates alike. HM Aviation graduates are highly sought after by the airlines due to the high quality of training.
Many individuals are interested in the airlines, enjoy serving people, like to travel, but do not want to become pilots. A cabin crew position is often ideal for such people. There is a lot more to the cabin crew position than meets the eye. They are very highly trained individuals. They must not only give excellent service to the passengers, but are trained to handle emergencies. The cabin crew are vital to an airline's success.
HM Aviation also has cabin crew training courses. With the current boom and record growth in the aviation industry, more cabin crew positions are available than at any time in the past. A cabin crew member had the opportunity for travel, both on and off duty, providing for an exciting career. HM Aviation has started many successful careers for cabin crew members.

Another very interesting aviation career is in airport management. With the rapid growth in the industry, the building and expansion of more and more airports means the airport manager will be more important than ever before. Everything from the location of security, shops, which aircraft docks at which gate, and traffic around the airport are all under control of the airport manager. The airport manager works "behind the scenes" and is not as obvious to the passenger as a pilot or cabin crew, but plays a most vital role in the aviation industry. Everything moving seamlessly, and people not noticing the job of the airport manager means he or she is doing their job well. This is an exciting career with levels of responsibility that so few people ever get. HM Aviation has also started many careers in airport management. This is an exciting career for those with the right qualifications.

Whether one aspires to fly, or keep the airlines flying, HM Aviation provides the best training courses available anywhere in the aviation industry. HM Aviation is truly the one-stop solution to all the training needs in the industry, and a very wise choice for those embarking on such exciting careers.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

HM Aviation comes up with a professional pilot training program

There are a few professions which require an individual to undergo right training. And, one such profession is that of becoming a pilot. Being a part of the aviation industry is one dream which many people want to achieve. However, only a handful of people are able to turn it into reality. With an objective to offer the quality professional training program, HM Aviation has introduced training courses which can be the ladder to success for aspiring pilots. The aviation school is one of the leading names when it comes to offering a range of pilot training programs.

Whether an individual wants to apply for private pilot training or commercial pilot training program, there are courses available to choose from. The main objective of these courses is to help aspiring students understand the basic and detailed information on different aspects of being a pilot. The course is updated from time to time so that students can get the latest information.

top 10 Pilot Training

Also, the fact that HM Flight training academy is well-equipped with the most advanced and latest training equipment and technology makes it the most reliable names in the sector cannot be denied. The world-class infrastructure further makes the entire learning process easy for students.

Since the time of inception, the aviation training academy has been striving to impart quality pilot training education and qualification among those who wish to carve out a niche in this highly competitive and ever-flourishing sector. One can find out detailed information related to the professional pilot training course by simply visiting their website. All that it might take is a few minutes of the aspiring candidates who want to fetch become a pilot.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Best Pilot Training School – Your foundation for a promising career as a pilot

We all know that getting a job in the aviation industry as a pilot is a very prestigious and promising career. The fact that only the best can make it through further speaks volumes about it. There is no denying that being a commercial pilot has its perks and advantages. However, it is also a high-risk career and brings along huge responsibility. Unlike other types of pilots, commercial airline pilots are responsible for the lives of hundreds of passengers and crew members aboard. As far as security and safety of airline passengers is considered, it lies in the hands of experienced and well trained pilots. If you want to become a pilot then not only you have to be passionate about airplanes but also make sure you get the best pilot training.

Training, as we all know, is the first step towards a successful career. It is the very foundation of your learning experience. And when it comes to pilot training, it becomes essential for you to look for the best training school.

Though there are thousands, may be lacks of students who want to become a pilot, only a few are able to crack it. The reason is simple – it is not easy and only those who are dedicated and determined to go through failures and rejections can complete the course. Yes, you read that correct. Getting an admission in aviation training school is one thing, and surviving and making through it is another.

A lot goes into a pilot training. An aspiring pilot should be mentally and physically prepared to deal with obstacles before turning the dream of flying commercial pilot into reality. Success of your pilot training course depends on the institute you are choosing. Make you sure institute you choose is equipped with all advanced and necessary equipment and technology, is backed by a team of well experienced, skilled and qualified instructors, trailers and staff. Best pilot training schoolsensure their students get the best knowledge and skills regarding flying a plane.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Enroll for PPL with HM Aviation

The first step to becoming a pilot is getting the private pilot license, whether one wants to fly as a career, or for enjoyment. HM Aviation has expert career councilors who will help with any decisions regarding a flying career. Some people dream of having a career as a pilot, others would like a career in aviation, but not as a pilot. Many people not wanting a career as a pilot enjoy flying recreationally. Whatever path is right for you, the career councilors at HM Aviation will help you decide on which course of action is right for you.

The next decision is on where to do your flight training. For those desiring a career in aviation, it is usually best to go abroad for flight training. Licenses issued in North America don’t expire, and can be readily converted to other countries, including India. HM Aviation has tie-ups with flight schools from around the world, and help the individual choose which flight school and location is best for them.

The private pilot license is when the individual learns to fly. They will be assigned a flight instructor, and will be taught the basics of flying. They will then practice take-offs, circuits and landings, and when ready, released for their first solo. This is an experience no pilot ever forgets. The student then learns advanced maneuvers and emergency procedures. Flying by reference to aircraft instruments is also introduced.

Private Pilot License

The next step is a cross-country flight with and instructor, and then solo. After that, the student prepares for, and takes the flight test. Ground school and a written exam are also required. Topics include: air law, theory of flight, meteorology, flight operations, and human factors. Different countries have slightly different hour requirements for the private pilot license, but students usually average around 60-70 hours. Completion of the required hours, flight and written test will earn one the private pilot license.

Often, the next step is the night rating, even for one who does not wish to fly as a career. This allows one to fly an aircraft at night. Some more instrument flight training is required, as well as night flight training with an instructor and solo. No flight test is required for the night rating.

For those desiring a career as a pilot, the commercial pilot license is required. More flight training, hour-building, and ground school are required. An additional flight and written test is also required. The night rating is also part of the commercial pilot course for those wanting a career as a pilot.
Additional requirements such as the multi-engine and instrument rating are required for those desiring careers as airline or corporate pilots. Some will obtain a flight instructor rating to build hours before moving on to the airlines.Whatever one’s goals as a pilot, it all begins with the private pilot license. This is an enjoyable start to a great career or recreation.