Monday, 7 September 2015

Piper & Seneca Are The Best Training Aircraft

Selecting a flight schools and instructor are extremely important in one’s career. One factor often over-looked is the aircraft on which one trains. The right training aircraft means the right start to one’s career.

Cessna has been making aircraft for many decades, and is therefore is very experienced at doing so. Two of the most common training aircraft today are the Cessna 152 (C-152), and Cessna 172 (C-172). The C-152 is a 2 seat aircraft. It is inexpensive, and ideal for training. The C-172 is a 4 seat aircraft. It is larger than the C152, and a little faster. It is good for cross-country flying and good for students needing a larger aircraft.

Best Training Aircraft

Both aircraft are very stable, and very forgiving of mistakes. Both aircraft have good stall/spin characteristics, for easy recovery. This allows the student to develop confidence and excellent flying skills. Other aircraft, such as the Mooney, can outperform these training aircraft, but tend to be unforgiving of mistakes. Once flying skills are mastered, aircraft such as the Mooney are great to fly.

To further advance in one’s career, multi-engine training is necessary.Piper makes great twin-engine aircraft such as the Aztec and Seneca. The Seneca I is an excellent aircraft for training students on. It is stable, relatively easy to fly. The Seneca II and higher models are turbo-charged. This introduces the student to systems found on higher performance aircraft. The Aztec is larger than the Seneca, but still stable, and fairly easy to fly. It has non-counter rotating propellers, giving the aircraft a critical engine.For aspiring pilots, the Cessna and Piper aircraft are the best aircraft to train on and build a career.