Friday, 12 June 2015

Completing your Private Pilot License course in Canada

Private Pilot license is considered to be your first step towards your goal of becoming an airline pilot . It is after obtaining PPL only , that you get an opportunity of obtaining Commercial Pilot License. The Commercial Pilot License is an essential part of solving the puzzle of becoming an airline pilot .

Almost all pilots in Canada have to earn a traditional PPL to continue their journey in this stream . PPL is that license which has the fewest limitations accompanied by additional training which has the potential to be able to upgraded to include more intense flying such as flying in adverse weather conditions , flying an aircraft with more than one engine or even flying professionally . Moving on to the requirements of PPL , the PPL does not take much of hard work but indeed requires a certain amount of dedication .

Private Pilot License

An individual must need to have a minimum of 45 hours of flying . The PPL has a number of advantages , one can fly solo at the age of 14 , fly a single engine aircraft , fly anywhere in Canada , carry 3 passengers , obtain additional licenses .Of these 45 hours , the applicant needs to 17 hours of dual , which must include 3 hours of cross country time and 5 hours of instrument time .

Along with this , a minimum of 12 hours must be solo , which must also include 5 hours of cross country time . While flying during this period of time , an applicant will also gain extensive experience in every aspect of flying , aircraft handling , emergency procedures , radio procedures , navigation and basic instrument handling . Now all this puzzling hours of flying being said , one must also possess a valid Category 3 medical obtained from a Transport Canada authorized Medical Examiner . The minimum age of acquiring the Private Pilot License is 17 years of age . Once met with the required requirements for the PPL , an individual will now be eligible to carry friends or family members with him when he goes flying .